Inicio Eventos – Dando Vida a la Muerte Death Café in English with Glynis German

Death Café in English with Glynis German

27 May 2021
18:00 – 20:00

Join Glynis German, facilitator of the Mallorca Death Café since 2015.  At the start of the Spanish State of Alarm in March 2020, the Mallorca Death Café went online and now enjoys bimonthly encounters gathering people from many different countries.  If you’ve never attended a death café before, for more information check out

To reserve your place, send an email ( or WhatsApp (+34 666 987 430) to

Top tips for maximum benefit on the day:

  • Turn off all devices and outside distractions (except zoom of course)
  • Grab yourself a cuppa and something to snack on
  • Join the conversation  with an open heart and mind
  • Be prepared to practise deep listening!
  • Relax, talking about death does not provoke it!

You’ll be surprised – life and death is what you make it and attending a death café will be the best thing you do today!

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