Want to get involved?

One of the objectives of the Festival is to encourage organisations and individuals to organise their own events either locally or globally.

All ideas are welcome

as long as they adhere to the following guidelines established by the Festival committee and listed below:

None of the events held locally may coincide with the events organised in the main Festival programme.

Find a venue and set a date, keeping in mind the previous point

Contact us as far in advance as possible to discuss your idea.

As far as possible the Festival encourages you to offer your events for free.

Create a poster – ask us for our logo to place next to yours.  The Festival Committee must approve the poster before proceeding.

Send us your poster and a brief description of your event to include on our web page

All posters and event descriptions must be verified two weeks before the Festival begins so don’t be late especially if you are liaising with others!

We encourage you to get in touch with your local press.  To facilitate this task, we will send you our press release.

Don’t forget to promote your event through your social media channels using the Festival #hashtag which we shall provide in advance

Enjoy yourselves, both with the organisation and the event itself and remember to let us know how it went!

Please note that the Festival committee will dismiss or exclude any event that does not respect these conditions.

Examples of events held at the previous Festival

Before I die walls

Death cafés

Gospel concert, theatre shows and poetry readings

Book readings with the author present

Talks by experts in their field on various subjects

Art, photography and exhibitions